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"After purchasing my MinusA2’s, all my symptoms were reduced and I started living really well. Six months later, I am completely off my allergy medications and I’m living much better." Read more


"Does its job exceptionally and in style. I have had friends from the mountains say the air in my bedroom is like brisk mountain air." Read more


"After just two months with my new Rabbit Air, I am not only sleeping better and through the night, but I wake up feeling more refreshed than ever." Read more


"It's amazing how quiet they are and how much they filter the air. " Read more


"I take great comfort in knowing that my breathing air is cleaned and re-cycled all day long." Read more


"Customer service is excellent. I always get a phone call or email back from the company and I would definitely recommend my friends to buy a Rabbit Air purifier. I'm an extremely happy customer." Read more


"I have even had 6 guys all smoking cigars in the same room and the Rabbit Air and it still keeps up. It is amazing." Read more


"The room smells better and there is less dust. I no longer see dust particles in the sun rays." Read more


"In short, I appreciate, and enjoy using HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS, and Rabbit Air provides that." Read more


"Rabbit Air is a great company that makes a superior product. You won’t be sorry you bought one!" Read more


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