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Customer Story-Zonis

Madelain Z. (Rockaway Beach, NY) Owner of 1 Black MinusA2 780A (Pet) and 2 (SPA-421A) (Customer since February 2011)

We first saw Rabbit Air on the Dr. Oz, TV show where it was being demonstrated. It was fascinating!! My Hubby, (Alvin) has all kinds of allergies, even stuff that is not in our apartment Bingo, I found a cure for those horrible cough fits. They are the kind that sound like his whole intestines are coming out.

We ordered a MinusA2 for the Living Room, because we at that time had Phoebe (cat) at that time. The Living Room has plants and is the place where we all gather so I thought that this would be a cure for everyone who sits in that room. It worked because the room smells better and there is less dust. I no longer see dust particles in the sun rays.

We ordered 2 more air purifiers for the bed rooms (BioGS) and so far we have the situation under control.

When horror storm Sandy happened, we had to evacuate. We were gone 3 weeks and we left the air purifiers on. I had just changed the filters and when we came back, the filters were BLACK because of all of the debris that was in the air from the storm. If you have a holiday dinner with lots of frying and boiling, I suggest using the Pollen setting, as it will remove almost all those sticky smells that stick to curtains and furniture.

From an allergy family, there is nothing negative I can say.

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