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Customer Story-Ken

Kenneth R. (Pittsburgh, PA) Owner of 1 Black MinusA2 780A (Customer since July 2013)

My name is Ken Rust aka “The Cigar King of Pittsburgh”. I am an avid cigar smoker. I smoke cigars daily. Living in Pittsburgh poses a challenge as far as being able to smoke outdoors as in the winter it is much too cold to do so. I was going to local cigar bars and smoking there however that required me to still leave my home and drive in the snow to get to these places and now that the smoking laws have changed, there are very few places to go and smoke cigars.

I was determined to find a way to smoke in a room in my home and somehow filter the air so that non-smokers would not enter and get overwhelmed with the lingering stench of the smoke from the cigars. First I researched many forms of air purifiers as well as a professional air purification system that required me to cut holes in the wall and run vents etc. The cost of doing that was very high, and most of the air purifiers were not designed to handle cigar smoke.

Next I was reading my Cigar Aficionado magazine and saw an ad for the Rabbit Air purification system. I went online to the Rabbit Air site and read reviews and investigated further. To be honest, I was skeptical as to whether this would actually work so I waited and researched more. I went to a cigar store to purchase some new smokes and as I was leaving I noticed they had a Rabbit Air unit running. I asked the manager if he was happy with the Rabbit Air system and he said it cleared out all the smoke in the shop.

The next day I ordered my Rabbit Air and the shipping was very fast that before I knew it, it was delivered. I was still a bit skeptical, but was anxious to give it a try. I turned an old bedroom at my house into a cigar smoking lounge. I installed an exterior door to the entrance of the room, which is a 10’ X 12’ in size. I installed the Rabbit Air on the wall in this room and installation was easy with just 2 small screw holes to hang the bracket to wall. It comes with a stand so you can sit it on a table, but I found that hanging it on the wall left more room for other things. The filters came with the unit and they were also very easy to install as everything is numbered and marked “front,” etc.

I plugged it in and turned it on, lit up a cigar and as soon as I started smoking the Rabbit Air system started working by pulling the smoke towards it. Once I was done smoking, I had my wife come into the room to see if she could smell the cigar smoke and she could not. I was completely amazed. I now have cigar buddies over and we all smoke in the room and the Rabbit Air keeps up and cleans the air. I have even had 6 guys all smoking cigars in the same room and the Rabbit Air and it still keeps up. It is amazing. My other friends who don’t smoke and hate the smell of it come into the room after I have smoked and none of them can tell that I ever smoked in the room.

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