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Customer Story-Kevin

Kevin G C. (Champlain, NY) Owner of 2 MinusA2 700A, 1 BioGS 582A, and 1 BioGS 421A

I first began investigating getting an Air Cleaner for my bedroom when I was living in San Francisco, CA in 2004. The air quality in San Francisco is always quite good, with fresh ocean air (and fog) coming in off the Pacific. But, I was living in a building that was undergoing renovations, and there was constantly a haze of dust and particles floating all throughout the building, and into my apartment.

I began to notice a fine dusting of powder all over my appliances, stereo, and on the furniture. I wondered how much of this construction powder I was breathing in. In order to take steps to assure my home stayed as dust-and- powder free, I researched many air filter systems. Based on its design, ratings and comments from other consumers, I chose the Rabbit Air BioGS. Ordering, shipping and delivery were prompt and easy, and I had clean, filtered air within 10 days of ordering.

Through the years my BioGS has moved with me to three new apartments, across country and into Canada. After setting up my bed and unpacking some clothes, the Rabbit Air BioGS was a priority ‘First-to-Unpack’ item. When I bought my condo in Montreal, the BioGS worked fine, but with a much larger space to clean, I finally opted to invest in the MinusA2 to assure the larger area of my new condo (with 17’ high ceiling) kept the air filtered and circulated.

I’m glad I have both units now –as once again, there is condo construction going on just across the street, and dust and particles are flying all about in the air. I take great comfort in knowing that my breathing air is cleaned and re-cycled all day long, with particles, germs, dust and debris that I don’t want in my lungs. I’ve been such a fan of the Rabbit Air filter products; I have bought the BioGS for both my Mom and my Dad. They both use the air filter systems in their bedrooms, and have realized a noticeable reduction in allergies and upper respiratory illnesses they had previously gotten multiple times during the year.

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