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Customer Story-Kouros

Kouros M. (St. Louis, MO) Owner of 2 MinusA2 SPA-780A (Germ/Pet) (Customer since February 2010)

I found out about Rabbit Air on Valentine’s Day when my sweetie took me to an all female gym in Berkeley, CA. After the session, I asked the gym manager how the air was still fresh feeling with all the sweaty bodies, and she pointed me to a device on the wall. It was running at maximum speed, but was still much quieter than all the other air purifiers I had owned. Upon returning home, I checked the website and read the reviews. I was amazed that running the device was so inexpensive and that the filters only needed to be replaced once a year or once every two years, depending on the way you operated the air purifier.

When I moved in with my sweetie, I bought two MinusA2 units; one for the bedroom and one for the pet’s room. I had very little expectations but was amazed about how much better I felt almost immediately. Although my allergies are not too bad to kill me, they are just bad enough to make me miserable. After purchasing my MinusA2’s, all my symptoms were reduced and I started living really well.

Since we play ball with the pups indoors, their filters get dirtier more quickly than ours, so we clean them every week, whereas ours gets cleaned every other week. It’s amazing how much dust exists in the air!

We moved to Missouri last September, and the first thing I did was to go to a new allergist. She indicated that all my allergies were gone, but that they might return. Six months later, I am completely off my allergy medications and I’m living much better. We continue to use our MinusA2 air purifiers to improve the air quality inside our house.

I cannot say enough about the quick response of the Rabbit Air staff every time I have placed an order for the filters. I love my MinusA2’s for their design, cost of operation and how well they make me feel every time I look at them. I think moving helped to eliminate my allergies, but I think my MinusA2 filters had a big part in it too.

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