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Customer Story-Brett

Brett J. (New York, NY) SPA-780AB (received at ICFF) (Received at ICFF 2015)

My bedroom is currently located on the basement level of my building, with no windows or access to fresh air. As you can imagine, it can get musty rather quickly, with dust, allergens, and odors, including smoking from my guests, having no place to escape. After spending my first year in the apartment, I reflected on the noticeable decrease in the quality of my sleep since moving in. I was having more trouble getting to sleep, waking up several times throughout the night, and finding myself less rested getting up in the morning. Something had to change, and given my new environmental circumstance, I thought air quality would be a good place to start, as I had already tried installing sunlight lamps.

Working as an Interior Design professional, beauty and design are equally important to me as the function itself. Without the right aesthetics, even the most functional purifier, or any appliance, wouldn’t have a place in my home, or my clients’. The Rabbit Air was the clear winning choice for me when comparing it to similar functioning models from other companies. Additionally, the wall-mounting capabilities keeps it from taking up floor space and allows me to proudly display the Rabbit Air like a sexy piece of tech art amongst my other artwork. The near silent operation mode is also key for when I’m working or watching a movie and I found it to be much quieter than the competition. My favorite feature, however, is the auto-sensing technology that notifies me when harmful particles are present in my room and kicks the Rabbit Air into action, quickly cleaning the pollutant and notifying me with that calming blue light when everything is back to being perfect! I never need to mess with the settings and it always works at the optimal level, without using up a ton of power either! My electric bills barely registered a blip.

Sure enough, after just two months with my new Rabbit Air, I am not only sleeping better and through the night, but I wake up feeling more refreshed than ever and notice the fresh clean air difference every time I walk into my room. It has made a world of difference in my energy levels and my apartment no longer ever has a musty odor. As an added benefit, I find myself having to dust less often and people are always asking me how I keep my place so fresh, which is when I show off the impressive wall-mounted tech that makes everything possible.

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