Robert O. (Morro Bay, CA) Owner of 1 Black MinusA2 SPA-780A (Germ) (Customer since May 2007)

My name is Robert and this is my review of my Rabbit Air MinusA2.

I stumbled upon the Rabbit Air products on amazon.com after researching and looking into other high quality comparable products. I decided to purchase the Rabbit Air purifier and in a very short period of time I noticed that the amount of congestion in the master bedroom at night was greatly decreased when I ran the Rabbit Air. I've noticed significantly better air quality in our master bedroom as long as I have had the Rabbit Air running. When I run the machine at a slightly higher setting an hour before going to bed, my nasal congestion at night in the bedroom is greatly reduced. I have to say I'm extremely happy about my purchase of the Rabbit Air. The electronics and mechanical workings of the machine are quite high quality. I love that it's an extremely quiet and smooth running machine. I would highly recommend others to buy Rabbit Air Products. Customer service is excellent. I always get a phone call or email back from the company and I would definitely recommend my friends to buy a Rabbit Air purifier. I'm an extremely happy customer.