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Customer Story-Meg

Meg (customer since 2010)

In 2009 I had a surprise bout of pneumonia. During the course of my treatment, I was told I have asthma. Of course I found this out AFTER I adopted my 3rd cat!!! What’s a kitty mom to do? I wasn’t about to send my fur-kids away, as they were now part of the family. That began my quest for an air purifier to keep my lungs happy and my cats in the house. My friend loaned me an air purifier, but it was so noisy, I was losing sleep.

My search led me to Rabbit Air. Not only was this unit exceptionally quiet (like a bunny), it appealed to my design sense; it’s a beautiful product. I also learned that although some competitor’s purifiers might be less expensive, their filters were not. And competitors filters had to be changed every 3-6 months; Rabbit Air’s filters are changed every 12 months, depending on use. What you save in the initial purchase of other purifiers, is quickly used up in filter replacements. And none of the competitors were as quiet as the Rabbit Air. Since getting the Rabbit Air “Minus A2” I seldom use my inhalers. My sister recently spent the night at my house and noticed her chronically stuffy nose symptoms were gone, when the Rabbit Air was running! She too noticed how quiet the Rabbit Air was, sleeping through the night undisturbed. She’s sold, and will soon be joining the Rabbit Air family.

One of my favorite features of this purifier is its auto setting. In this mode, if the Rabbit Air senses particulates or strong odors, it automatically increases its speed to clear the air. I don’t have to lift a finger. I am considering a second Rabbit Air for the downstairs, and with the new design of the BioGS 2.0, I might go with that one.

Another consideration is customer service. Recently I had to reorder filters. I placed my order online one day, and the filters arrived the next day! Also the filters are labelled in a simple, fun way to make sure they are installed correctly.

Rabbit Air is a great company that makes a superior product. You won’t be sorry you bought one!

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