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Customer Story-Mike

Michael D. (Orlando, FL) Owner of 1 MinusA2 SPA-700AO Artist Series – Suspended Animation (Customer since April 2015)

There are few things as tenuous as having to find the right air purifier. I am being facetious, of course, but the process can be quite difficult and overwhelming with numerous options on the market today. I found myself searching for hours and I quickly discovered this isn't a process to be rushed. The main reason I was need of an air purifier was the pet odors from my pup and dust accumulating at a rapid pace throughout my townhouse.

After thorough research, I came across the Rabbit Air brand and was immediately intrigued by the design and mechanics of their air purifiers. This air purifier was strictly for the upstairs bedroom, so it was between the BioGS 2.0 and the MinusA2. After some thought, I made an informed decision and went with the MinusA2 Artist Series - Suspended Animation. Sleeker and more functional than any other purifiers I had examined (Alen, BlueAir, Winix, etc.,) the MinusA2 is one amazing product. Likely the best and most productive decision I have made for my health in years!

Not only do friends and family ask about the MinusA2, most don't even know what it is and that is one of my favorite features. Not clunky and ugly like its competitors, the MinusA2 is more of an art piece especially with the Artists Series design. The LED light adds a touch of sophistication and uniqueness that you won't find in any other air purifier. The only aesthetic feature I would modify would be more LED colors and the ability to choose between them in any mode.

The MinusA2 does its job exceptionally and in style. I have had friends from the mountains say the air in my bedroom is like brisk mountain air. Sometimes my roommate even smokes cigars, and the Air Purity Sensors recognize the impurities in seconds, then eats the smoke up in minutes. Not only has dust been decreased significantly and pet odors completely eliminated, the MinusA2 operates extremely quietly, even on turbo mode! Easy to clean removable pre-filter makes removing big dust particles simple and helps keep the machine running like new. I love this machine.

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