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September 2012 Newsletter

Happy fall, Rabbit Air customers! We hope you all had a chance to enjoy the summer, whether you were lucky enough to ...

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August 2012 Newsletter

CHAMPIONS UNITE! With the Olympics to keep us all entertained, August was a month of heated competition and a reminde...

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July 2012 Newsletter

JULY 2012 Greetings! Hope you're staying out of the heat. This month we're focusing on ways to reduce pollution and s...

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June 2012 Newsletter

Summer is on its way and those of us at Rabbit Air know what that means for folks in hot climates: lots of time indoo...

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April 2012 Newsletter

Rabbit Air in ELLE magazine! We know that the words "air purification" don't always conjure up the most fashionable...

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March 2012 Newsletter

Happy March, friends! We can't believe we're already a quarter of the way through 2012. This month we geeked out a l...

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February 2012 Newsletter

Home Sweet Home Contest: We Have a Winner! We received more than forty photo submissions for our Home Sweet Home c...

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January 2012 Newsletter

Rabbit Air's Photo Contest! Attention Rabbit Air Owners! Get out that camera. Submit the most interesting picture to...

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December 2011 Newsletter

Dear Rabbit Air friends, It has been a fantastic year for us all at Rabbit Air and we're very much looking forward t...

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November 2011 Newsletter

Dear Rabbit Air friends, It's already nearing the end of the year and we're shocked again at how quickly 2011 has pa...

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October 2011 Newsletter

Did You Say Free?? For those of you on Facebook, we're currently offering a special promotion. Let's just say the w...

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September 2011 Newsletter

Greetings, friends! Is the summer really almost over? It's hard to believe. Here in Los Angeles we're still riding t...

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