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November 2011 Newsletter

Dear Rabbit Air friends,

It's already nearing the end of the year and we're shocked again at how quickly 2011 has passed us by. At Rabbit Air, we've started gearing up for a productive 2012. Our MinusA2 has earned a bit of an upgrade, and you can check out its multifaceted functions on our interactive features page, which allows you to explore the ins and outs of our most popular model. Check it out here.

Customer of the Month

Greetings Everyone!

Rabbit Air has created a Customer of the Month program where our Customer Care Team will nominate a few customers who have displayed extreme loyalty to our company. This month we have selected Kouros Mohit from Berkeley, California. He is much appreciated by our Rabbit Air Team! Read on to find out more.

Having had allergies all my life I have learned to deal with dust and grass as the season changes or during high winds or high pollen count days. I have always used medication in the past. Since I have purchased my Rabbit Air MinusA2 air purifiers, I have cut the use of my medication in half and improved the quality of time spent at home. I am working from home so I spend more time at home than any place else.

Here is more on Kouros personal experience while using the Rabbit Air purifier~

We are a fortunate owner of a rescued dog who gets into the bad juju of the bay every day. My A2s are a relief there too. I am using a Germ Defense customized filter in our bed room and a Pet Allergy customized filter in the dog/ TV room. Running the air purifiers on high gets rid of pet orders quickly but we have them running at medium all the time.

Kouros enjoys kayaking and spending time with his family and dog! He is very happy to be our November Customer of the Month, but most importantly, enjoys being part of our Rabbit Air family!

Where to Sneeze Now

Do you live in one of the allergy capitals of the U.S.?

The Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America (AAFA) named five cities in the U.S. as the 2011 Allergy Capitals of the country, based on Pollen scores (airborne grass/tree/weed pollen and mold spores),number of allergy medications used per patient, and the number of allergy specialists per patient. So who has the biggest allergen problem?

Looks like Knoxville, Tennessee. Rated the #1 Fall Allergy Capital, due to high pollen counts, high use of allergy medications by patients, and too few allergists to treat the burgeoning allergy population, Knoxville kicks up a whole lotta dust. You can read the AAFA's analysis online.

What's the best remedy for those who live in geographical areas with high pollen counts and few allergists on hand? Rabbit Air's MinusA2 asthma and allergy friendly Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier is certified by the AAFA and one of the most surefire ways to protect yourself against pesky allergens.

Puff the Magic Rabbit

You can find Rabbit Air purifiers around the country at schools, in dental offices, veterinarian offices, doctors’ offices, and, yes, cigar lounges. More than 50 cigar lounges in the U.S. use our air purifiers to keep the air fresh in their facilities. We recently set up a page to chart Rabbit Air-friendly cigar lounges across the country for those of you who enjoy a good puff and also care about air quality.

Did You Say Free??

For Facebook Logo those of you on Facebook, we're currently offering a special promotion. Let's just say the words “free shipping” and “filters” are involved. We love our friends and like to spoil you once in awhile. Check it out! We know it makes you want to click that little thumbs-up icon.


Rabbit Air is always interested in hearing your feedback. Please send any comments to Click here to join the Rabbit Air community on Facebook for the latest news and updates!

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