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October 2011 Newsletter

Did You Say Free??

Facebook Logo For those of you on Facebook, we're currently offering a special promotion. Let's just say the words "free shipping" and "filters" are involved. We love our friends and like to spoil you once in awhile. Check it out! We know it makes you want to click that little thumbs-up icon.

Fall Out Of Your Allergy Routine

We all know that fall can be a dreadful month for allergy sufferers. Winds kick up pollen and dust and our noses suffer as a result. For those who like to keep windows open until it gets too cold, be sure to run your air purifier constantly, so that incoming dust and pollen gets picked up before it reaches you. If your kids have allergies, make su It's AUTUMN!!!re they know their allergy triggers—the specific irritant that stimulates an allergic reaction—so that they can avoid what makes them sneeze.

If you're miserable during the fall season, figure out what's bothering you. Perhaps it's the grove of pines that you pass on your route to work, or the mustard plant just outside of your bedroom window that releases seeds into your room when the window is open. Or maybe the printer in your office is giving off a high level of VOCs. If you need any help picking out the best Rabbit Air filter for you and your family's specific needs, feel free to reach out to our Customer Care Team and we'll help you find the remedy that's right.

Rabbit Air & Flexible Spending Accounts

Our products are now listed as eligible for purchase through Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) on the Walgreens website

We're thrilled to offer this affordable alternative to our customers. Those seeking FSA reimbursement should get a doctor's prescription for the product along with their purchase.

How does FSA reimbursement work?
  1. Obtain an air purifier prescription from your doctor.
  2. Purchase your air purifier.
  3. Fill out attached form and send with doctor's prescription to your FSA provider.

Customer of the Month!

Greetings! Rabbit Air has created a Customer of the Month program where our Customer Care Team will nominate a few customers who have displayed extreme loyalty to our company. This month we have selected Andrew, from Orlando, FL. He is a proud dog owner who cares about the air he breathes as well as his loveable two dogs! He is much appreciated by our Rabbit Air Team!


Rabbit Air is always interested in hearing your feedback, please send any comments to Please click here to join the Rabbit Air community on Facebook for the latest news and updates!

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