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February 2012 Newsletter

Home Sweet Home Contest:  We Have a Winner!

Home Sweet Home Contest: We Have a Winner!

We received more than forty photo submissions for our Home Sweet Home contest this year. Rabbit Air lovers sent us pictures of their birds, dogs, cats, and kids posing with their air purifiers. It was very tough to choose our favorite, not to mention how incredibly heartwarming to see Rabbit Air as a family fixture. One contestant even staged his/her Rabbit Air on a shrine to Cher!

After much voting, we are proud to announce that Ryan and Bri Van Scotter are the winners. So that you all can enjoy the photos as much as we did, we will post everyone’s submissions on our Facebook page.

A message from our winners, Ryan & Bri Van Scotter: "Thank you for the contest, we are big fans of your product, and many of the home owners in our loft building have been admiring the MinusA2 for its style, power consumption, and amazing air quality."

Happy February, Rabbit Air community! It's finally leap year again and we're savoring every single day. In the spirit of Valentine's Day, we've got a few ways to express our love for you, our loyal customers. There's free professional advice, the winners of our Home Sweet Home contest, and of course, Customer of the Month.

Introducing: Ask Dr. Bassett

Dr.Bassett This month, Rabbit Air is pleased to launch Ask Dr. Bassett, a complimentary service for consumers who want more specific information about asthma and allergies. While Rabbit Air consultants can help you decide on the best products for your home, we aren't doctors, and we understand that many of our customers hunger for more information about the actual irritations and symptoms they face. Dr. Bassett is there to answer your questions and provide general advice regarding medicine and treatment.

Dr. Clifford Bassett is a prominent New York allergist and media resource for national news organizations as an allergy and respiratory specialist. He is a frequent contributor of news programming on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX News, CNN, WCBS 880 News Radio and a contributor to the Associated Press.

Feel free to submit questions to: We will select a handful of your questions to be answered by Dr. Bassett in our next monthly Rabbit Air Newsletter. Stay tuned!

*Information received through Ask Dr. Bassett is not a substitute for a consultation with a licensed health care professional. Always talk with your personal doctor before making changes or adjustments to your asthma or allergy management plan


February’s Customer of the Month

Greetings Everyone!

As all of you loyal newsletter readers know, each month our Customer Care Team will nominate a few customers. This month we have selected Eduardo. He is much appreciated by our Rabbit Air Team! Read on to find out more.

"Working overseas I noticed that I would always wake up and having to blow my nose. With so much dust in the air it affected a lot of things that I normally do. My morning workouts would always be interrupted by breathing issues. It is important to perform proper breathing while lifting weights, this is when I decided that I needed to breath cleaner air and became interested in purchasing an air purifier."

Here is more on Eduardo’s personal experience while choosing the Rabbit Air purifier~

"I am a huge gadget/technology buff; I love everything that looks new and futuristic. When I saw the Rabbit Air I instantly fell in love with the design. Modern, sleek, perfect for a studio apartment and a large home as well."

Eduardo enjoys working out and staying healthy! He is very happy to be our January Customer of the Month, but most importantly, enjoys being part of our Rabbit Air family! Congratulations Eduardo!


Rabbit Air is always interested in hearing your feedback. Please send any comments to Click here to join the Rabbit Air community on Facebook for the latest news and updates!
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