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June 2017 Newsletter

Rabbit Air Wins "Best Air Purifier" The competition for best air purifier is heating up this summer and look who cam...

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March 2017 Newsletter

Watch our new Rabbit Air video about A Healthy you this Winter Something is in the air. Whether you’ve experienced ...

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September 2016 Newsletter

How to have an Asthma Friendly Home Remove airborne allergens with a high-powered true HEPA air purifier. Keep windo...

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June 2016 Newsletter

Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month This May, join the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America as they declare May as...

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April 2016 Newsletter

Another “Worst Pollen Season” Ever Predicted Although we officially welcomed spring back into our lives last month, f...

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January 2016 Newsletter

Managing Your Winter Allergies As the weather turns chilly and we find comfort in our warm homes, indoor allergies ma...

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August 2015 Newsletter

Are Your Allergies Ready for the New School Year? College freshmen setting their sites for school have many new ad...

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June 2015 Newsletter

Embrace the New MinusA2 Peanuts Artist Series Fans of the beloved beagle are sure to love the newest MinusA2 special ...

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April 2015 Newsletter

Allergies or the Cold? You might be surprised to learn that your lingering cold symptoms are actually caused by aller...

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December 2014 Newsletter

Star Light, Star Bright...Star Julius! Just in time for the holidays, we are happy to debut the newest addition to ou...

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October 2014 Newsletter

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month Every October is breast cancer awareness month, when people all over the wor...

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August 2014 Newsletter

Goodbye Summer, Hello Hay Fever! Summer is drawing to an end and many of us are trying to soak up every bit of sun th...

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