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March 2017 Newsletter

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A Healthy you this Winter

Something is in the air. Whether you’ve experienced it yourself, or if you’re one of the lucky few who has managed to stay healthy, it appears that the cold or flu has been going around, yet again, this winter.

One of the causes of the “healthy getting unhealthy” is the lack of air circulation during the winter. With closed windows and doors, you and your cubicle partner are sharing more things than your desk. One way to combat poor air quality is to keep your environment clean and bring some freshness into your air by cracking a window or using an air purifier.

Are your Allergy Symptoms Worse Before or After Rain?

Winter rain typically brings relief to many parts of the United States, so when the air is clear and free of clouds, it may come as a surprise that many of us still exhibit allergy symptoms.

During rainstorms, the rain can break up pollen particles and make them smaller. The humidity from the rain can also cause mold spores to increase. Since these irritants will come into your home, if your local weatherman calls for rain, we suggest closing your windows and making sure your air purifier is on.

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