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January 2016 Newsletter

Managing Your Winter Allergies

As the weather turns chilly and we find comfort in our warm homes, indoor allergies may be the unwelcomed visitor this winter. But fear not, for there are ways to diminish your winter allergy symptoms and prevent them from ruining the start of your new year.

As is almost always the case, the cleaner your home, the less dust and airborne particles there will be to trigger allergy symptoms. Using an air purifier is also helpful to freshen up the air and reduce allergens.

Help! Is it the Cold or Allergies?

Like peas and carrots, winter and the cold seem destined to be connected to each other, but are your symptoms due to the cold, or allergies? There are some symptoms that are usually associated with allergies, but not with the cold, such as sneezing and itchy eyes, so if you have the sniffles for more what seems like weeks, then you may have allergies, not the cold.

Of course, it’s best to seek a professional before assuming you have allergies, so if you have symptoms for more than 2 weeks, it’s best to make an appointment with a doctor.

Indoor Air Quality and You

You may have heard the term indoor air quality used here and there, but what does IAQ really mean? Also, why is it important and are there ways to improve your air quality? Thankfully, there is!

To learn about indoor air quality and how it can affect your health, our informative Rabbit Air blog may have the answers that you’re looking for.

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