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August 2015 Newsletter

Are Your Allergies Ready for the New School Year?

College freshmen setting their sites for school have many new adventures to look forward to, but wasting precious time due to allergy and asthma symptoms can ruin any experience. Before bidding adieu for college, here are a few tips to help manage your first year and make it a memorable one.

Keeping You and Your Furry Friends Happy

It happens. You bring home your new pet and within hours, you're sneezing and experiencing some unpleasant symptoms. Or maybe you've had your beloved pet for years, when suddenly you start to notice more tissues in the bin. This is heartbreaking for many owners, but the silver lining is that with some  changes to your home and some maintenance to your pet, your bond can remain as strong as ever.


The Health Dangers of Forest Fires

With the recent onslaught of fires in California, their impact to our health is a cause of worry for many. Although the immediate repercussions of a fire are very much visible in the charred remains of homes, trees and forest, the invisible particles, such as carbon monoxide and volatile organic compounds that become airborne should also be viewed as a danger.

To combat airborne particles and to learn more about cleaner air, our Rabbit Air blog post is a must read. 

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