MinusA2 Artists Series Air Purifier



MinusA2 Artists Series Air Purifier
MinusA2 Artists Series Air Purifier
MinusA2 Artists Series Air Purifier
MinusA2 Artists Series Air Purifier
MinusA2 Artists Series Air Purifier
MinusA2 Artists Series Air Purifier
MinusA2 Artists Series Air Purifier
MinusA2 Artists Series Air Purifier
MinusA2 Artists Series Air Purifier
MinusA2 Artists Series Air Purifier
MinusA2 Artists Series Air Purifier
MinusA2 Artists Series Air Purifier


MinusA2 Artists Series Air Purifier



    Cherry Blossom - Rabbit Air Original

    As Japan's most cherished flower, the cherry blossom is traditionally celebrated during its annual arrival by gathering with friends under the trees to enjoy sake, sing songs and celebrate the coming of spring. In the past, Japan has offered cherry blossom trees to foreign countries as symbols of peace. Designed by the Rabbit Air creative team, this simple silhouette of a tree was inspired by the shadows cast by cherry blossom trees on white sandstone in early spring. This model is only available in white.

      The Starry Night - Vincent van Gogh | 1889

      Dutch post-impressionist artist Vincent Van Gogh sold only one painting in his lifetime, yet his The Starry Night is one of the most famous works of art in the world. Thick, swirling brushstrokes give motion to a sky of deep blues, greens, and yellows over a dark church spire and a quiet town. Painted in 1889, the masterpiece evokes Van Gogh's homeland, the Netherlands. A cloudless night reveals a mosaic of stars. The SPA-700A model is only available in white and the SPA-780A is only available in black.

        Water Lilies - Claude Monet | 1906

        This calming design depicts French Impressionist Claude Monet's most familiar subject, the water lilies floating in the pond in his beloved garden in Giverny, France. One of hundreds of water landscapes he painted in the later part of his career, this detail offers a dreamy wash of greens, yellows, and blues. This model is only available in white.

          The Great Wave - Hokusai | ca. 1831

          Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849), was a bohemian painter and printmaker. Born in Edo (now Tokyo), Hokusai is best known for his woodblock print series "thirty-six views of mount fuji," (c.1831) which includes the iconic and internationally-recognized print, The Great Wave off Kanagawa. A majority of Hokusai's most popular wood-block prints, silkscreens, and landscape paintings were done between 1830 and 1840. Despite a prolific career, Hokusai lived a very modest life in poverty and retained his simplicity. The SPA-700A model is only available in white and the SPA-780A is only available in black.

            Almond Blossom - Vincent van Gogh | 1890

            Dutch Post-Impressionist Vincent Van Gogh's painting of almond blossoms provides a tranquil image of spring. The work, made at the end of the artist's life, was a gift to his brother and sister-in-law, to mark the birth of their son, who they named after him. The white blossoms twinkle like floral stars against a rich blue sky. The SPA-700A model is only available in white and the SPA-780A is only available in black.

              Plum Park - Utagawa Hiroshige | 1857

              Japanese ukiyo-e artist Utagawa Hiroshige's woodblock print, Plum Estate, Kameido (Kameido Umeyashiki), number 30 from his series One Hundred Famous Views of Edo, features the most famous tree in the city now known as Tokyo. The blossoming Sleeping Dragon Plum tree blooms white against a rich red and green backdrop. The SPA-700A model is only available in white and the SPA-780A is only available in black.

                Sunflowers - Vincent van Gogh | 1888/1889

                Dutch Post-Impressionist Vincent Van Gogh painted sunflower still lifes while he waited for his friend the painter Paul Gauguin to arrive at the house in Arles, France, where the two of them worked toward the end of 1888. The bright paintings, a sign of friendship and professional respect, were meant to decorate the yellow-colored room where Gauguin stayed during that time. The SPA-700A model is only available in white and the SPA-780A is only available in black.

                Choose a model

                SPA-700A SPA-780A
                Effective Coverage Area* Normal Residential Use:
                700 sq. ft. (2 Air Changes Per Hour)

                Allergy Sufferer :
                350 sq. ft. (4 Air Changes Per Hour)

                Normal Residential Use :
                815 sq. ft. (2 Air Changes Per Hour)

                Allergy Sufferer :
                408 sq. ft. (4 Air Changes Per Hour)

                Power Consumption 7 to 47 watts
                7 to 61 watts
                Noise Level 20.8 to 45.6 dBA 25.6 to 51.3 dBA
                Color Available
                Black (Almond Blossom, The Great Wave, Plum Park, Starry Night, Sunflowers)
                White (Cherry Blossom, Water Lilies)
                Dimensions MinusA2 dimensions
                20.25H x 21.4W x 7D (inches)
                MinusA2 dimensions
                20.25H x 21.4W x 7D (inches)
                *Based on average ceiling height of 8 feet when the air purifier is operating on the highest fan speed

                Choose a customized filter

                Germ Defense Filter:
                Effectively traps and reduces airborne bacteria, mold spores and particles that carry viruses.

                Toxin Absorber Filter:
                Traps and reduces volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other chemicals.

                Pet Allergy Filter:
                Traps and reduces pet dander and pet odors.

                Odor Remover Filter:
                Traps and reduces odors from pets, cigarettes and cigars, cooking and mildew.

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                • Free returns and shipping within the 48 contiguous states
                • 90-day money back guarantee
                • Five-year warranty
                • 24/7 technical support

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                Spencer P.
                United States


                Experience was incredible the product is perfect!!!

                David R.
                United States

                Wish I knew about this product sooner!

                This product works perfectly in my converted garage man cave/cigar lounge. After smoking cigars with friends, the next morning is like it never happened! Better air quality than any cigar bar that I've been to.

                MinusA2 Ultra Quiet Air Purifier
                West Michigan

                Overall Health Improvment

                I have (2) two MinusA2 Ultra Quiet Air Purifiers, and there are no substitutes for this product. My daughter has asthma and I have pet allergies. We also have three (3) small hairy dogs. We had multiple air filters before that were noisy and very ineffective. The first day ( overnight ) after installing in my daughters' room there was not a hint of dog odor. She slept sound ( the other air filter she said was too noisy, and she concentrated on the hum, and it kept her awake) The one in my living space is incredible. Tightness in the chest , gone. Itchy nose and eyes, gone. Price is not even a discussion. You can not put a price on the overall health benefits you receive for this. My daughter has stopped the daily use of her inhaler! Fewer trips to the doctor's office. I don't keep purchase as much over the counter allergy meds. Again Priceless!

                Peggy y.
                United States

                It’s amazing. I sleep with 3 dogs. I’ve woken up with heavy phlegm in the back of my throat every morning. The first night, and every night since, I wake up with a clear throat

                The most amazingly quiet effective air purifier.

                Rebecca Morn
                Albuquerque NM

                We're up to 3 MinusA2 air purifiers - love 'em

                We originally purchased two MinusA2 air purifiers via Amazon, for use in our home offices, and over the last month they made a huge difference. The main reason for the purchase of the first two was because my spouse and I were both suffering horrific bad seasonal allergies due to junipers and other pollen-producers in our area. However, our house is rather larger than just those two repurposed bedrooms-into-offices, so if we were happy with the 1st two units, we thought maybe we would buy a third for the rest of the place. (Still not quite up to the full square footage of the house, but close enough.) Anyway, the allergies abated to the point where we could tell immediately the difference when we went outside for any length of time. On top of this, after dusting and vacuuming, the re-accumulation of house dust is a fraction of what it was. Very, very happy with these RabbitAir purifiers, and plan to join the 'yearly filter replacement subscription' as soon as RabbitAir runs a promotion for that again. For now, the new 3rd purifier will probably be moved between the master bedroom and the rest of the house as needed. Pros: - Excellent filtration, positive effects evident within a couple days - Really nice looking filter design, very modern. (For our 3rd RA MinusA2, we got the Starry Night cover, other two are just white.) - Super quiet most of the time...except when it needs to be a tad noisier to do its job - Filter replacement costs quite competitive compared to other high-end purifier systems - Fast delivery from RabbitAir, well-packaged boxes - Pretty good controls selection - South Korean manufacturing, not Chinese Cons: - Wish there was more control over the mood light & sleep modes. What I would really like is the ability to have the purifier run at automatic speeds, but also be able to keep the mood light, the air purity indicator and the control lights on regardless whether the room is dark or not. In other words, to be able to fully disable sleep mode. - Yes, this is a pricey air purifier, but after trying -- and having zero results -- with the sub-$100 and even $150 purifiers, it's clear you get what you pay for. Tip: - If the purifier seems in auto/pollen mode to be running fast a lot of the time, clean the pre-filter and also especially the little air quality sensors. The one in my office seemed to be doing that last week, running a lot a medium speed and no slower. After checking, I found a fair amount of dust right at the sensor, especially around the intake vents. Following the instructions, I cleaned the whole area & the sensor using a moistened q-tip, dried it, and everything was copacetic again.