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California Prop 65 Warning FAQ

1. What are Prop 65 warnings about?
In 1986, California voters passed a ballot initiative called “Proposition 65,” which requires California to publish a list of chemicals that, in the state’s opinion, are known to cause cancer or reproductive harm.

Prop 65 also requires businesses to warn consumers if any products sold in California include such chemicals. The Prop 65 list includes approximately 900 chemicals, more than are included on similar lists from the federal government and other states.

2. I purchased this product outside of California. Why are you providing the Prop 65 warning to me?
Rabbit Air products are sold throughout the U.S., in some cases to retailers who have national distribution. Because of this, it is difficult to know where every Rabbit Air product will be sold. Accordingly, to make sure all products sold in California comply with Prop 65, we include the warnings on all Rabbit Air products.

3. Are your products safe to use?
Yes. Rabbit Air products meet federal and state safety requirements, and are absolutely safe when used as instructed. A Prop 65 warning alerts consumers that a product contains one of the approximately 900 chemicals on California’s list — it does not mean a product is unsafe.

4. Doesn’t the State of California require evidence of harm to humans prior to placing a chemical on the Prop 65 list?
No. Chemicals may be placed on the Prop 65 list based on “epidemiological studies, animal studies, or other relevant data.” See Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (“OEHHA”) for more information about how Prop 65 chemicals are selected.

5. How high is the risk that I will develop cancer or suffer reproductive harm?
A chemical’s inclusion on the Prop 65 list does not necessarily mean there is material risk of cancer or reproductive harm. Again, Rabbit Air products, when used as instructed, are completely safe. For more information, see the OEHHA’s FAQ page.

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