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A3 Filter Replacement Kit

A3 Filter Replacement Kit
A3 Filter Replacement Kit
A3 Filter Replacement Kit
A3 Filter Replacement Kit
Product image 1A3 Filter Replacement Kit
Product image 2A3 Filter Replacement Kit
Product image 3A3 Filter Replacement Kit
Product image 4A3 Filter Replacement Kit

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The A3 Filter Kit includes all four (4) replacement filters. Recommend replacing every 12 months when running 24/7. Not included with kit: Washable Pre-Filter (Recommend cleaning every month).

  • Medium Filter (1)
  • Charcoal-Based Activated Carbon Filter (1)
  • The BioGS® HEPA Filter (1)
  • Customized Filter (select one) :
    • Germ Defense
    • Odor Remover
    • Pet Allergy
    • Toxin Absorber

Medium Filter (1) : Traps and reduces airborne particles larger than 1 micron in size, such as pollen and pet dander allergens.

Charcoal-Based Activated Carbon Filter (1) : Traps and reduces cooking odors, exhaust fumes, greenhouse gases, household odors, pet odors, tobacco smoke, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The BioGS® HEPA Filter (1) : Traps and reduces bacteria, cooking odors, dander, dust particles, pet odors, exhaust fumes, mold & fungi, pet hair, pollen, and particles that can carry viruses.

Mold and Fungi:
1. Test samples: Aspergillus niger, Penicillium citrinum, Chaetomium globosum

2. Test samples: type A influenza virus(H1N1), Escherichia Coli, Staphyllococcus aureus

How to Choose a Customized Filter

Even without a customized filter, the A3 air purifier can trap and reduce most airborne pollutants, allergens and odors. However, Rabbit Air developed a series of customized filters to target specific areas of concern for our customers. These custom filters can enhance the overall system effectiveness on allergen, odor and chemical removal.

Germ Defense Filter

Physically traps airborne bacteria, mold spores and particles that carry viruses.

Toxin Absorber Filter

Traps and reduces volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other chemicals.

Pet Allergy Filter

Traps and reduces pet dander allergens.

Odor Remover Filter

Traps and reduces odors from pets, cigarettes and cigars, cooking and mildew.

Technical data

Weight 1.90 lbs
Dimension Medium Filter:
16.65"W x 14.65"H x 0.20"D

AC Filter:
16.65"W x 14.65"H x 0.39"D

HEPA Filter:
16.46"W x 14.49"H x 1.38"D

Customized Filter:
16.65"W x 14.65"H x 0.39"D
Filter Lifespan Up to 12 months when running 24/7
Cleaning Period Not Required
Compatible with (model#) A3 SPA-1000N
Customized Filter Options Germ Defense, Pet Allergy, Toxin Absorber, Odor Remover


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The Germ Defense filter physically traps bacteria, mold, and particles that carry viruses, thereby reducing such microbes in the air.

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