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The Air Quality Blog by Rabbit Air

What Is Radon?

Pollutants are everywhere these days -- even in our homes. Take measures to protect yourself and your living space....

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How Air Pollution Affects Your Skin

Neil Moralee/flickr The quality of the air around you has a surprising, potentially catastrophic effect on...

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Are Air Purifiers Safe for Pets?

Are Air Purifiers Safe for Pets? David Chao/flickr Air purifiers seem like a great solution to the odors and dand...

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Sick of That Nasal Spray? Try These Natural Allergy Cures!

With record amounts of Americans suffering from allergies, more people will be competing for that last bottle of nasa...

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Thanks to Forest Fires, Vancouver Air Quality Is Close to Beijing’s

Forest Fire.jpg/Google If you live in Vancouver, you’re facing a serious danger that you might not be able to see:...

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Still Got Hay Fever in the Dog Days of Summer? It Could Be the Air Quality

Spring Grasses by ChrIstine Feeling dazed by your allergies in the summer haze? Stop blaming the pollen count – it...

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Breathe Easy: How to Measure Your Home's Air Quality

Mohammed J/flickr We may breathe it everyday, but people rarely pause to consider how important the quality of o...

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What Asbestos Looks Like

Alpha/flickrAll homeowners fear asbestos might be lurking in their home. While only an expert can identify and remove...

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Apartment Therapy Names Rabbit Air Top Air Purifier

Our ears are burning! Maxwell Ryan, founder of popular home improvement blog Apartment Therapy, has announced that ...

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How Icky is the Air on Our Airplanes?

Kevin Dooley/flickr We all know about the sticky, dry air we’re forced to breathe when we fly — some people even...

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Why Oregon Has the Worst Allergies in the Country

Jim Lukach/flickr The Pacific Northwest is home to some of the nation's most beautiful landscapes — as well as i...

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The Best Indoor Plants for Air Quality

Ken Owen/flickrWhen it comes to keeping the air in your house fresh, sometimes going all-natural is a helpful opt...

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