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Rabbit Air is excited to unveil the final three artists in our series featuring designs inspired by contemporary art. This unique collection aims to introduce fresh perspectives to our customers and celebrate the vibrant, compelling works of emerging artists whose creativity is set to leave a lasting mark on the world

Marina Ester Castaldo “Lofoten Islands”

Marina Ester Castaldo is an Italian artist currently living and working in London, UK. Born and raised in Naples, in the south of Italy, she finds herself inspired by the folklore, the hospitality of people, the warm weather and contrasting and strong colors. She is fascinated by the nature, the daily life and all types of emotions, expressed in her art with abstract shapes and vibrant colors. She describes her work process as being very spontaneous, natural, and ever evolving. Her beautiful front panel was available from January 22 to March 31, 2024.

The artwork is inspired by an arctic paradise in Norway where the mountains stand tall and mighty and the clear waters of the Norwegian Sea hug the rocky shores. The colors and details of the painting aim to bring the beauty of the Lofoten Islands to life, making you feel like you're right there, surrounded by nature's wonders. 

“Collaborating with Rabbit Air as an artist offers me an opportunity to merge my artistic expression with a brand that values both innovation and design. Rabbit Air is renowned for its cutting-edge air purifiers that not only prioritize health and well-being but also embody sleek, modern design, transforming a practical device into an amazing art piece.”

Fabian Lavater “The Escape”

Fabian Lavater is a Swiss artist and illustrator currently based in Basel, who studied business administration and sustainable development and loves to surf. His diverse background and interests imbue his work with an infectious sense of wonder. His design, the Escape, made exclusively for Rabbit Air, features a lone surfer at home, riding a large wave under the sun. His captivating front panel was available from March 15 to May 31, 2024.

“This artwork is part of the series I like to call ‘rainbow waves," says Lavater. “It’s basically all about enjoying and being in touch with nature's elements (waves, snow, etc.). While the colors represent the joy coming out of these activities, they’re also very minimalistic and simple, which I’m convinced is the key to living a happy life, too. "I hope this artwork brings some joy into homes and reminds people of the simple things in life that bring them joy, like clean air."   

Nanami Cowdroy “Mingei Memory”

Cowdroy has close bonds to her Japanese and European heritage. Growing up with contrasting cultures and surroundings has greatly influenced her style of artmaking. By intertwining complex characters and highly detailed objects, her pieces reflect a juxtaposition between foreign and familiar entities and environments. Her imagination shines through works that are elaborate and unusual.

She is drawn to subjects that seem delicate or fragile on the surface, but possess strength and depth. She works in pen and ink, illustration, and mixed media. Her signature detailed style reflects a refined monochrome palette with her name, Nanami, (meaning “Seven Seas” in Japanese) stamped in red. Cowdroy’s design, featuring a fantastic black-and-white cornucopia of dolls and toys, will be available for the A3 and MinusA2 air purifier and front panels from May 10th, 2024 to July 31, 2024. 

“This piece references the antique, handmade toys my mother collected and brought with her to Australia from Japan,” she says. “The years of the Covid pandemic strengthened for me how important family and friends are in life, and I particularly missed my family in Japan being so far away. To try and balance the anxiety, fear, and uncertainty the pandemic triggered in us as a society, I wanted to create a nostalgic, playful piece containing symbols of a more carefree time, with a nod to many of the vintage toys and Shinto charms mum collected from different prefectures around Japan.

Mum has proudly kept many of the mingei toys she has collected over many years, including daruma and kokeshi dolls, inu-hariko (papier-mache puppy dolls), kendama, and miharu-goma (horse dolls).” Cowdroy continues to display them lovingly around our house in Sydney.

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