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The Health Impact of Pet Dander

sabianmaggy/flickr 10% of Americans are allergic to the dander brought in by household pets. Dander can have unf...

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The Top Ten Countries With the Worst Air Quality

hapal/flickr With industrialization always increasing on a global scale, it’s no surprise that overall air qu...

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Scare Off Symptoms of Secondhand Smoke

DucDigital/flickr If your living situation leaves you exposed to secondhand smoke, you need to take action.Every...

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The Cutest Dogs That Allergy Sufferers Really Shouldn't Have

Luke Ma/flickr As cute as they are, these are dogs that you’ll want to avoid if you’re striving for an allergy-fre...

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6 Things Only People with Allergies Will Understand

mait/flickr A list of allergy symptoms that can turn spring into a terrifying season.  Spring: A Curse and a Bles...

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Bad News: There’s Gross Stuff in the Air You’re Breathing

joiseyshowaa/flickr Everybody knows that New York City’s air is questionable at best, but you may be surprised by so...

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How To Clean and Detect Mold

Brian Moloney/flickr You step inside your home and notice an unpleasant, pungent odor. After making sure you reall...

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What is a HEPA Filter?

Skyblue_Cloudwhite_2993/flickr HEPA filters — otherwise known as High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters — remove ha...

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What Is Sick Building Syndrome?

That sick and tired feeling after a day at the office or in your home might not just be in your head — it may actua...

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What Is Indoor Air Quality and Why Does it Matter?

We hear the words “indoor air quality” get thrown around quite a bit, but what are they actually referring to? Indo...

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Do Air Purifiers Kill Dust Mites

  Dust mites, a common cause of allergies and asthma world-wide, are tiny, microscopic creatures related to the spide...

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Improve Your Home and Your Health

For many proud homeowners across the country, home improvement is top priority on their to-do list. There are several...

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