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We are featured on Today’s Parent!

BioGS 2.0 air purifiers Todays Parent approved


Earlier this week, Today’s Parent reviewed the BioGS Tone and called it an essential product for a home with children. They raved about features like our childproof lock, modern design, and effectiveness, and named us one of the most impressive air purifiers to cover 625 sq. ft.

Today’s Parent is Canada’s no. 1 parenting source where parents can go for information like tips for kid-friendly snacks, reviews of household items, and advice on discipline. We are thrilled that this trusted source tested our product on parents who want to better their homes by providing clean indoor air for their kids. They loved the BioGS 2.0 and saw its benefits to any home, with or without kids.

We appreciate the time Today’s Parent took to review our product and help parents choose which air purifier would be best for the whole family.

Now, we are Today's Parent Approved! Our BioGS Tone has their seal of approval, making it loved by children and parents!


Check out the review here

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