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March 2009 Newsletter

RabbitAir Customer Interview: June Dichiaro

Here in Los Angeles, we have been getting our fair share of rain. In these cold, wintry months we tend to hibernate in our offices and our houses. With half the day spent in a stuffy office and the other half spent on the couch at home, in the kitchen, or in bed, fresh air is an essential comfort that should not be compromised with the seasons.

Every day, we hear from happy Rabbit Air customers. Some are parents who are grateful that Rabbit Air keeps their babies allergy-free, some are pet owners who deal with dander sensitivity and need their Rabbit Air to help filter out contaminants. Others are city-dwellers suffering from smog or people who live out in rural areas and deal with large amounts of pollen.

This month, we spoke with June Dichiaro, a happy customer who bought her first Rabbit Air back in 2006. She lives in a New York suburb called East Aurora, where she has lived for the past 33 years. Originally from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, June now lives in a house with a huge yard with a grass lawn that she mows herself. The property is surrounded by pine trees, and while June loves the lush landscape, it means high levels of pollen and other allergens. She also has two cats which shed and give off a fair amount of dander.

photo of june dichario

“I tried many (air purifiers) before this, and I couldn't stand the noise,” says June. Like other air purifier veterans, June tried the Sharper Image years ago. “When I got it, a friend of mine who is up on health and gets Consumer Reports told me it was loaded with ozone and it's not good. So I shipped it back.” Next, June ordered the Honeywell, but she claims it was way too loud. I just got on the computer one evening wondering if there was such thing as a quiet one,” she recalls. According to June, the Rabbit Air is just what she was always looking for. “I keep it on all day, shut it off at night and then put it right on the morning when I get up,” she explains. As with many of our customers, June can't remember life before Rabbit Air.

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