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November 2008 Newsletter

Introducing the New MinusA2

As most of you have probably already realized, Rabbit Air now has a new version of the MinusA2 that we all know and love. The SPA-780A has the same great capabilities and style as the original AP-1004, but with an upgraded air quality sensor, a new color option (Black) and higher capacity (815 sq ft'). It also features the bioengineered HEPA filter found in our signature BioGS™ model, which is extremely effective at trapping and reducing allergens, dust mites, mold, dander, and pollen.

The Holidays are Near!

Get your house ready for the family.

Rabbit Air is here to make the holidays easy.

Is Uncle Dan allergic to the cat? Does the lingering smell of cigarettes on your furniture make the grandkids sneeze? Does the recent paint job overwhelm the sweet scent of mistletoe? Rabbit Air is there to make sure the air indoors is fresh and pleasant as we all spend more time in our houses during the winter months. The best way to prepare your house for the indoor season is to keep your Rabbit Air clean and running day and night to minimize allergens and contaminants. Put it in auto mode and your Rabbit Air will constantly circulate fresh air throughout your home. Leave the units in the living room and kitchen during the day and bring them into the bedrooms at night to ensure the cleanest, most comfortable air at all times.

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