October 2008 Newsletter


RabbitAir at the W Hotel

RabbitAir is proud to announce that the famously classy rooms in the W Hotel in Westwood, California are now outfitted with our air purifiers. Walk into one of the 22 smoking rooms at the stunning hotel and you will find our MinusA2 hard at work, ensuring the air is clean and fresh at all hours of the day. In a city as polluted as Los Angeles, the W Hotel is concerned with making sure their customers have the most pristine experience possible, and the air quality in a room leaves a memorable first impression. Between smokers, pets, dust and pollen, a significant number of pollutants can infiltrate the hotel room environment. RabbitAir is quickly becoming the answer to eliminating indoor air pollution and improving quality of life for everyone.

Fight Fire with Air

Fire season has arrived. As flames sweep across California and the dry air is flooded with dust, pollen and allergens, it is important to have your air purifier close by to protect your lungs. If possible, keep windows and doors closed and run your air purifier in the living room and bedrooms to ensure the freshest, cleanest air possible. If you happen to live in an area directly affected by the fires, be sure to wash out your BioGS activated carbon charcoal filter to get rid of all smoke residue once the fires have passed. Vacuum off the pre-filter and HEPA filter frequently if ash is present.

The MinusA2's Toxin Absorber custom filter is highly effective at removing ash and smoke particles from the air. If you already own a MinusA2 with a different custom filter you can easily replace it with a Toxin Absorber filter to maximize smoke absorption.