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April 2009 Newsletter

RabbitAir 2009 Easter Egg Hunt

Here at Rabbit Air, the Spring season is Rabbit season. We know that some of the most beautiful months of the year can be tainted by heightened allergy and asthma symptoms and we want to ensure that you are able to enjoy the season. If April showers bring May flowers, plug in your Rabbit Air and don't be afraid to smell the roses.

Dust Bunnies Be Gone!

Despite the name, these rascals are anything but cute. We have all seen those light, grayish clumps of dust and debris that accumulate in the corners of our houses, under furniture, sliding around on wood floors, gathering in basements and closets. But what are dust bunnies made of? Good question. Dust, hair, lint, dead skin, pet dander. Harmful particles such as dust mites are often picked up by dust bunnies and can cause allergy and asthma symptoms in sensitive people and animals. Along with your Rabbit Air Purifier, it is important to sweep your house often, remembering to cover all corners of the room, including the ceiling where cobwebs can harbor dust and allergens.


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