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May 2009 Newsletter

Rabbit Air 2009 Egg Hunt

As many of you were probably aware, Rabbit Air ushered in spring with an egg hunt on our website. Our sneaky team of Easter Bunnies hid a number of eggs on different pages of our website, each representing values from $10-$100. A total of eighteen people found the $100 egg and used it towards a Rabbit Air Purifier purchase. We spoke with a few of the lucky winners last week.

Customer Robert H. from Camdenton, MO had been to our website before. According to Robert, he had been “researching air purifiers for about a month.” It took him an hour to find the $100 egg, and as soon as he did he ordered a BioGS to help with his spring allergies. “The three most important things to me are: Noise level, replacement filter costs, styling and features,” says Robert. “Prior to getting the Rabbit Air purifier I had trouble getting a good night's sleep due to congestion related to my allergies. After only a few days of use, I have noticed less sinus congestion when I wake up in the mornings.”

On average, customers spent 1-2 hours searching for the $100 egg, but they all seem to feel it was worth it. “Once I found the $100 egg, I knew I couldn't pass it up and ordered the air purifier immediately,” says customer Andrew D. from Brighton, MA. Customers bought air purifiers for themselves, family members, to deal with allergies and help control dander from pets.

Thanks to all of our loyal customers and to the $100 winners who took the time to respond!

Florida's Chinese Drywall Crisis and Indoor Air Quality Concerns

In light of the recent concern over the presence of Chinese Drywall in a number of homes in Florida, Louisiana, Texas and Colorado, it is a good time for all of us to start thinking about the quality of the air in our homes.

Those of us who live in cities ... [read more]
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