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June 2009 Newsletter

Rabbit Air and the War Against Germs

The swine flu outbreak has fueled concern about the amount of germs we are exposed to, and keeping the air in our homes clean is a valid priority. While Rabbit Air Purifiers cannot cure diseases or viruses, they are designed to keep the air pristine and reduce contaminants and germs, lowering the chance of transmission of common viruses and infections.

The first step towards clean, fresh air in the home is circulation. If your climate allows, leave windows and doors open when possible to prevent the house from getting gummed up with germs and bacteria. A constant flow of fresh air means a much healthier environment. While Rabbit Air's HEPA filter traps and reduces the number of particles down to 0.3 microns in size, the most precise germ prevention comes from our Germ Defense filter, a filter outfitted with an antimicrobial layer of Gingko Biloba. The Germ Defense filter is an essential addition to the other exceptional Rabbit Air filters offered with the MinusA2 , providing another layer of protection against airborne germs and bacteria.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), "The flu and colds usually spread from person to person when an infected person coughs or sneezes." The office is another place where colds and flu can spread rapidly. Be sure to wash your hands often, especially after touching computers and doorknobs. The CDC reports that some bacteria and viruses can live up to two hours on common surfaces. After riding public transportation, going to the gym, sitting in a classroom or using the restroom, it is vital that you wash your hands and constantly sanitize surfaces at home and in the office. Rabbit Air Purifiers work tirelessly to filter the air before it gets to your lungs.

For more information on Rabbit Air's MinusA2 Germ Defense Filter, please click here.

To read more about how to stop the spread of germs, please click here.

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