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Is an Air Purifier Worth it?

Air purifiers can be expensive, and require not only regular maintenance in the form of cleaning but also need regular filter replacements to keep working effectively. Before making such a purchase, it is not unusual to wonder if an air purifier is worth the cost and the time required maintaining it.

Rabbit Air believes that air purifiers are not only worth it, but that once you run an air purifier in your home you will find that you will get much more out of your air purifier than you may have imagined. There are many ways in which an air purifier can improve the quality of your life. An air purifier can…

Reduce Dust

Cleaning the air helps to keep the rest of your home clean too. One of the ways that you can tell an air purifier is working is that you will notice that much less dust will build up on surfaces in your home. There are many airborne pollutants that make up dust – from pollen and mold, human skin cells and hair, to pest debris from dust mites or cockroaches. No matter what your dust is composed of, an air purifier with a true HEPA filter can filter it out of the air.

Control Allergies

Allergies and asthma attacks are often triggered by the inhalation of tiny particulates and allergens such as mold and pollen. When these particles are inhaled they can cause familiar symptoms of sneezing, wheezing, and coughing. As indoor air is on average of poorer quality than outdoor air, many sufferers find that their allergies are at their worst when they are inside. Using an air purifier can help to reduce the number of triggering allergens from the air, making it easier to breathe at home.

Remove Household Odors

Odors at home can come from a number of sources, and can be downright embarrassing when guests come to call. Many pungent foods, such as garlic or fish, will leave lingering odors long after dinner is over, and pets can produce all sorts of unpleasant smells. Opening windows doesn’t always help to fully remove an odor, and scented candles and sprays only temporarily mask the problem. By operating an air purifier with a charcoal based activated carbon filter, smells can be adsorbed for good.

Adsorb Harmful Chemicals

Chemical off-gassing of volatile organic compounds can come from a number of items in your home, from paint and solvents to cleaning supplies, and even plastics. VOCs can be dangerous to respiratory health when they are found in concentration, particularly in homes with limited ventilation. An air purifier that uses a Charcoal Based Activated Carbon filter can adsorb these chemicals from the air, whether they are coming from a source inside the home or from nearby roads or highways.

Why Choose Rabbit Air?

No matter what you are concerned about with your indoor air, Rabbit Air purifiers can help keep your indoor air clean and breathable. Our air purifiers are designed using advanced technology to make our filters work more efficiently for a longer period of time. Our BioGS HEPA filters are bio-engineered to prevent mold growth and secondary contamination, while our Charcoal Based Activated Carbon filters use pieces of real charcoal to deodorize air and adsorb chemicals.

Because of our special technology multiple stage filtration system, Rabbit Air filters are able to last for a long time, making our filters cost efficient and easy to maintain. Our air purifiers use an ultra-quiet brushless direct current motor and are Energy Star certified as well, so that you can comfortably operate them all day, every day to ensure the best filtration. All of our special features combined with our generous return period, five year warranty, and access to 24 hour customer support make Rabbit Air an excellent choice for cleaner air at home.


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