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Air Purifiers and Odor Removal

Although air purifiers are most widely known for their capabilities at removing allergens from the air, they are also excellent tools for reducing, removing and absorbing unpleasant odors. Strong, lingering odors can make it difficult to enjoy being at home, but with the use of an air purifier, even notoriously difficult smells can be drastically reduced. Here are some of the most common odors that an air purifier can help to remove:

Removing Cooking Odors

Spices, herbs, and creative sauces can make food taste delicious, but while the smell of cooking food is mouthwatering when you’re hungry, it can become an unpleasant problem when cooking smells linger long after dinner is done. Fish and garlic are some of the worst offenders, but any pungent food can linger long past its welcome particularly in small or poorly ventilated kitchens.

Removing Pet Odor

Dogs and cats make great companions, but they can also leave the house smelling far from fresh. In addition to the well known odors associated with litter-boxes, animal odor can also come from terrariums, aquariums, and aviaries.

Removing Cleaning Product Odors

It is important to keep your home clean and disinfected, but unfortunately many cleaners leave behind strong chemical odors. Not only are these odors unpleasant, but they can be dangerous to breathe in especially in high concentration.

Removing Cigar and Cigarette Odor

While some smokers prefer to step outside when they want to light up, many aficionados are now creating personal smoke lounges at home, small specialized rooms designed to provide relaxation and entertainment while smoking. If the smoke in these rooms is allowed to linger, it can become absorbed into furniture and walls, creating a powerful, stale smell and even spreading throughout the house.

How Can an Air Purifier Help Reduce Odors?

No matter what type of household odor you are trying to remove, Rabbit Air has a powerful way to keep the air smelling fresh and clean. All of our air purifiers come with a Charcoal Based Activated Carbon filter, which uses actual pellets of activated carbon to effectively adsorb chemicals and odors from the air. When charcoal is activated, it is exposed to intense heat that causes it to become extremely porous. Each tiny pellet can have the interior surface area of an entire football field, giving it a large amount of space to capture odors from the air. Because we use about a half a pound of these pieces of charcoal in our filters, they can provide effective deodorization for even the toughest and most potent odors.

While our Charcoal Based Activated Carbon filters are quite powerful, for people with extra sensitivity to odors, or an increased source of odor in the home, Rabbit Air offers an extra layer of protection in our MinusA2 Air Purifiers with our Customized Filter option. This feature allows you to choose a specialized filter to enhance the air purifier in an area of major concern. The Odor Remover Customized Filter uses activated carbon woven into its fibers to help boost the MinusA2’s efficiency at removing common household odors, and is especially useful for enhancing the air purifier’s removal of smoke. Our Toxin Absorber Customized Filter can be chosen when off-gassing from chemical cleaners or recent renovation is the area of most concern, as it is excellent at removing volatile organic chemicals from the air.


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