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How to Pair with Alexa

How to Start using Alexa with your MinusA2 780N

  1. Make sure your unit is connected to the wifi and the latest version of the Rabbit Air app on your iOS or Android device. To learn how to connect your air purifier to WiFi, click here.
  2. On your Alexa app, Download and Enable the Rabbit Air skill.
    • Search for Rabbit Air in the skills tab. 
    • Once it has been downloaded, go to your installed skills.
      • Click on the skill and then enable the skill. 

      • Clicking on Enable to use will send you over to this page, put in your Rabbit Air account info to help link the account to the skill. 


      3. Click on settings on the skill to make sure it was linked properly.

        • The Skill setting page should show in green letters "Linked".

      4. Make sure that your air purifier shows up on your devices tab.

        •  In the list of devices, it should have your Alexa device and your air purifier's name on the list, accompanied by the fan icon.

      5. Once those are set up, you can start using it!

      6. Remember to say the name of the air purifier with the action you want it to make.

        • Say “ Alexa, set Bedroom air purifier to Auto-mode.”

      7. Enjoy fresh air with a simple command!


       Commands to Try

      • Alexa, turn on (name of air purifier).
      • Alexa, increase fan speed on (name of air purifier).
      • Alexa, set (name of air purifier) to (value between 20-100) percent
      • Alexa, set (name of air purifier) to manual low.
      • Alexa, set mode to pollen on (name of air purifier).
      • Alexa, turn on the mood light on (name of air purifier).
      • Alexa, turn off the negative ions on (name of air purifier).
      • Alexa, what is the air quality on (name of air purifier)?
      • Alexa, turn off all light on (name of air purifier).

      Want a command that isn't on this list, check out our Commands page!



      • What do I do if I say a command and my Alexa is not responding?

      Make sure you are calling your air purifier by the right name. The Rabbit Air app tells you the name of it. Use the name when saying the command ex. “ Alexa, turn on Living Room air purifier.”


      • My Alexa is doing the wrong command!

      Speak clearly so Alexa can understand! Sometimes if you say something too quickly or too quietly, it would do the correct command or do nothing at all! Also, try out some of our other commands on our Commands page to get the result you want!


      • My Alexa can’t find my air purifier!

      Check your Alexa app and see if it is connected with the Rabbit Air app. If it is not, link both accounts and then try again! 


      • Do all MinusA2 have the Alexa compatibility?

      The only air purifier model that works with Alexa is our MinusA2 780N. So make sure that is the one you have in order to use this feature! 

      Are you having a little trouble? Please give us a call at our 24/7 toll-free number and one of our representatives can help you!


      • Why won't my air purifier adjust speeds?

      When using Alexa, sometimes it will try to best understand your command which can lead to Alexa setting your air purifier to Turbo or Silent when you wanted Low or High. So when you say that the air purifier should be on high, it thinks that it should be put on the highest setting, making it go to Turbo and not High. When it is time to set the setting you want, say Alexa, set (name of air purifier) to manual low or manual high for it to go to the correct setting.

      • Does this work in Canada?

      As of right now, it is only available to the U.S. We are currently working on rolling it out to Canada in a later date.


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