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March 2013 Newsletter

Happy March, all of you! We're here to help put some spring in your step.

Meet the Rabbit Air Customer Care Team

Curious about Rabbit Air's home base? See our Pasadena, California, headquarters and a few of the faces of the beloved representatives who make sure that your questions are answered and that your air purifiers are running and clean.
Nice to meet you!

Don't forget that if you ever want to watch some online tutorials about filter upkeep and more, we have a few entertaining videos for you.


Asthma tips for kids

We're always looking for new resources for asthma patients and lately we've appreciated an accessible site called Get Smart About Asthma, which has tips for parents of kids struggling with asthma.

Astronauts need clean air, too!

Just in case anyone has ever doubted the significance of air purification, this Los Angeles Times article about The Dragon, a supply ship that recently delivered goods to astronauts at a space station, begs to differ. Among mouse stem cells, food and clothes, spacewalking tools and batteries, the supply ship brought air purifiers to keep those astronauts breathing free!


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