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June 2010 Newsletter

Dress Up Your Rabbit Air

MinusA2 Artists Series

Rabbit Air's Artists Design Series is an answer to our customers' hopes for an air purifier that doubles as an art piece. We initially developed a wall-mountable air purifier to accommodate smaller spaces and reduce ground clutter in offices and homes, but as we talked with more and more of our loyal customers we realized that you were ready for something more. Our beautiful vinyl “skins,” patterned with the works of celebrated artists such as Gustav Klimt and Katsushika Hokusai, are a sophisticated outfit for any MinusA2, designed to fit directly over the front of your air purifier. For more information, go to the Artists Design Series page on our Website. If you would like to purchase an Artists Series design for your existing MinusA2 product, check out the accessory.

Check Out Our New Homepage!

While we were busy giving the MinusA2 a new face, we decided to spruce up the website as well. For those who haven't noticed, not only does the homepage have a new look, but hopefully you'll all find navigation a lot easier, too.  Feel free to send your comments to


Ozone in the Summertime

While ozone tends to be a popular topic on the airwaves, we've found that very few actually understand how it affects them. Unfortunately, the summer is an ozone-heavy season. We've compiled a bit of information to help our customers protect themselves from this dangerous pollutant.

Is ozone beneficial or harmful?
Ozone occurs both in the Earth's upper atmosphere, and on the ground. Beneficial ozone is found 6 to 30 miles above the planet's surface, where it serves as a protective layer, shielding us from ultraviolet rays.  Harmful ozone is the result of pollutants emitted by cars, chemical plants, power plants and refineries chemically reacting in the presence of sunlight.

Is ozone the same thing as smog?
Not quite. The terms are often used interchangeably, however smog is composed of ground-level ozone combined with other gases and particulate matter (EPA).

Why is ozone a concern in the summer?
Because ground-level ozone is formed when nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) react in the atmosphere in the presence of sunlight, weather conditions in the summertime are particularly conducive to ozone production.

How does ozone effects my health?
Ozone can reduce lung function and make it difficult to breathe deeply. It makes us more susceptible to allergens and respiratory infections and aggravates asthma. According to the EPA, ozone can inflame and damage the lining of the lungs. "Within a few days, the damaged cells are shed and replaced much like the skin peels after a sunburn."

What can I do to reduce ozone exposure in the summer?
The best and most obvious answer is to spend time inside, when possible. Ensuring that the air in your home and office is clean will help keep your lungs happy. For more information about ozone levels in your community and how you can reduce your contribution to the ozone problem see the EPA Website.

Dwell on Design

Come see Rabbit Air at the Dwell on Design show in Los Angeles. We’ll be there from June 25-27th at the Los Angeles Convention Center.  Tickets are available through their website.  Dwell on Design exhibition features the latest modern design ideas from a range of product categories.  We’d love to meet you in person, so come on by to booth #1220 and meet the Rabbit Air team.

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