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November 2010 Newsletter

Customer of the Month

It's November, and here at Rabbit Air we find ourselves tallying up all of the things we are grateful for. Warm weather in Los Angeles in the fall, a good wind current to help circulate the air we're breathing, and most of all the incredible support of our family, friends, and customers that keeps us motivated to continue this work we do, which, we think, is incredibly important. You give us meaning, and we thank you for it.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we're honoring a loyal customer. Each month, Rabbit Air will select a valued Customer of the Month. If you are chosen, your photo and a small bio will be featured on our Facebook page. In return for your support, you will receive a gift from the Rabbit Air team. Our company greatly appreciates the loyalty and energy of our fantastic customer base. This month, we touched base with Oanh from Quebec, Canada. Here's what Oanh had to say about her BioGS:

I certainly have positive and genuine things to say about the BioGs 582A Rabbit Air air purifier that I purchased this summer. It is located in my bedroom and on 24 hours a day. For as long as I can remember, I could only sleep with the windows open. Even when it was the middle of winter and way below freezing I would still sleep with the window open even if it meant that cold air entered my bedroom and the heat I was paying for was going out the window, too. I used to feel that I couldn't breathe properly if the window wasn't open and as a result, I also did not sleep very well. I would wake up in the morning feeling unrested even though I had spent the last seven hours in bed. Since having the Rabbit Air, sleeping has been awesome! I cannot believe the incredible difference it has made in my quality of sleep. Not only is this air purifier very aesthetic to look at, I also find the quiet sound of the Rabbit Air to be very soothing. I run it on the highest setting throughout the night. Now I can sleep with my windows closed, breathe better at night, conserve energy and feel rested when I wake up in the morning. Thank you very much Rabbit Air. I feel I have the perfect bedroom air purifier.

Thanks and Giving

Speaking of thanking and giving, Rabbit Air donated 18 air purifiers to L.A. Unified School District's Franklin Elementary School in Los Feliz this fall. A a parent-driven support group, Friends of Franklin, helped facilitate our donation. They're used to filling in where the budget cuts have left holes in the curriculum and in the campus. Rabbit Air is proud to help improve the experience of students, in the classroom and at home. We are dedicated to fostering healthy environments for children everywhere.

Healthy Home, Healthy Family

Healthy Home Tour

Last month, Rabbit Air participated in Healthy Home 2010: Designer Showcase and Tour, sponsored by one of our favorite nonprofits, Healthy Child Healthy World. Healthy Home 2010 is a model of sustainable living that promotes green materials and healthy indoor environments. Our MinusA2 780A air purifier was featured in the Healthy Home house in Palatine, IL, amongst other fantastic products that promote respiratory health and nontoxic environments for children.


Rabbit Air is always interested in hearing your feedback, please send any comments to

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