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March 2014 Newsletter

Spring Clean Your Way to Fewer Sniffles

For many people spring is the worst season of the year for allergies. The abundance of pollens in the air can cause sneezing, wheezing, and other unpleasant allergic reactions. While we can’t stop the plants from blooming, by stepping up cleaning routines at home we can cut down on symptoms and breathe a little easier. Start by going room to room and cleaning as thoroughly as possible, even in hard to reach places that might normally not get a full deep clean.

Once your home is sparkling, you can help to keep it that way by limiting the pollen that makes it inside; changing clothing when you get home, and showering before bed to keep pollens from spreading to linens or upholstery. This is also a perfect time of year to brush up on the maintenance routines on the devices that help keep your home clean. Keeping filters on vacuums, air conditioners, and air purifiers in good working order will help to ensure they are working their best. You can read up on the maintenance of your air purifier at the following links: MinusA2 MaintenanceBioGS MaintenanceBioGS 2.0 Maintenance.

May is Asthma Awareness Month

Over 25 million people in the United States alone suffer from asthma, a lung disorder which causes airways to become inflamed, inducing symptoms such as wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath. Although there is no cure for asthma, it can be controlled, and during the month of May organizations like the EPA and the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America focus on spreading awareness about asthma, and promoting efforts to increase education and research in this area. If you or someone you love has asthma, this is a great time to learn more about the illness, how to control symptoms, and ways that you can get involved in awareness efforts in your community.


To Our Friends in Canada

For our Canadian Customers!We have some exciting news for our friends in the Great White North! Rabbit Air is expanding our shipping services into Canada. This means shorter shipping times on air purifiers, and the end of the dreaded brokerage fee. Filters, Accessories, and Special Edition air purifiers will still be shipping from the USA for now, but we’ve eliminated their brokerage fees too, in our continuing efforts to improve your Rabbit Air shopping experience.

How Pollen Allergies May Predict Food Allergies

The bright, blooming flowers and warming weather of spring is a welcome change from the snowy months of winter but with the changing of the seasons so too begins a new wave of allergens in the air. Ragweed, grass, and tree pollens – some of the most common spring allergens – begin to spread in full force during this time of year and they can cause many to sniffle and sneeze.

Now scientists studying these allergens have found that they are linked to specific food allergies. Ragweed, the most common spring allergen, is linked with allergies to foods such as bananas, cucumber, and zucchini. Those allergic to grass pollens may want to avoid melons, tomatoes, and oranges while tree pollen allergies are linked to carrots, celery, and almonds as well as some fruits like apples and pears. Read more about this new study and how food allergies may be linked with spring allergies.


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