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Ginza Mitsukoshi

Last year in December, Rabbit Air was invited to participate in a pop-up event at the Ginza Mitsukoshi in Tokyo, Japan. Founded in 1673, Mitsukoshi began as a kimono store called Echigoya, and has grown to become one of the most prestigious department store chains in Japan. This year marks their 350th year anniversary; their promise to keep their tradition alive in a modern era is doubtless one of the reasons they continue to thrive. 

As the first to showcase new trends and specialty products, the department store is typically a must-visit for shoppers looking for luxury items and specialty goods. A visual marvel, the flagship store in Nihombashi has stunning architecture and gorgeous interior design— not only is it a treat for the eyes, it also boasts a food hall that spans three floors. Department stores in Japan are known for their impressive food halls. Usually located on the basement floor, the depachika is a large marketplace with many small shops and deli-style food counters selling fresh takeout, including bentos. You can find many different traditional Japanese sweets, chocolates and Western-style cakes. Many stores also offer beautifully crafted gift boxes for their sweets and packaged food as souvenirs.   

Shoppers at the pop-up event were shown luxury and trendy products from different regions in Japan and all over the world. At the Rabbit Air booth, all three air purifier models were displayed as well as the beautiful art designs for the Minus2 and A3. It was a great opportunity for our Japan team to introduce our air purifiers and interact with customers who appreciate high-quality and design-oriented products.  

The department store continues to hold pop-up events throughout the year, so if you’re ever in Tokyo and feel like exploring, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised at what you’ll find. 

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