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BioGS 2.0 Filter Replacement Kit

BioGS 2.0 Filter Replacement Kit

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BioGS 2.0 SPA-550A
BioGS 2.0 SPA-625A

Technical data

Weight 1.57 lbs
Dimension AC Filter:
14.3"W x 11.0"H x 0.4"D

HEPA Filter:
14.2"W x 10.9"H x 1.4"D
Filter Lifespan Up to 18 Months
Cleaning Period Every 3 Months
Compatible with (model#) BioGS 2.0 (SPA-550A, SPA-625A)

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  1. BioGS 2.0
  2. MinusA2
  3. A3

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