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How can we design air purifiers so quiet?

Technology that's both astounding and quiet is kinda our thing, and we combined the most advanced and sophisticated fan, filter and aerodynamic design and the BLDC motor technology. The result is some of the most powerful and the quietest air purifiers on the market at its rating.

Fan design

Both efficiency and noise level of an air purifier is greatly affected by the fan design, material & quality. Increasing efficiency tends to increase noise while lowering noise tends to decrease efficiency. A right balance to engineer an optimal air purifier fan takes years of experience and empirical testing. All factors are carefully considered including blade angles, blade diameters, fan rim diameter, rim thickness and other parameters. The result is the perfect balance of fan design that can minimize noise and maximize filtration efficiency.

System Pressure Drop and Aerodynamic Design

Pressure drop is a measurement of airflow friction through the filtration. Our HEPA filter is one of the lowest pressure drops at its efficiency rating. Our design minimizes the friction of airflow going into, passing through and going out of the air purifier.

BLDC Technology

Rabbit Air purifiers' cutting edge Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) motors are prized for their dutiful and silent work. Our advanced BLDC Motor with inverter control that operates at five different speeds. At its lowest speed, the air purifier barely makes a sound. The absence of motor brushes makes our motor a much quieter, more efficient unit.

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