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Smoke Customer Reviews

I am a smoker and always smoked in one room with my fan blowing out the window, not very energy efficient! I bought this and WOW! Very quiet and very effective.
- Linda S.

I bought this in Feb. of 2012. And I wanted to test it out until I replaced the filters before giving a review. I replaced the filters in April of 2013. Giving that myself and my partner smoke, I was amazed that the filters lasted 14 months. One of the main reasons I bought the Rabbit Air is because I wanted an air purfier that was good on smoke, didnt sit on the floor, and something that wasnt an eye soar to look at. This matched all 3 of my main shopping requirements. Everybody that come3s into our house for the first time always asks, "what is that"? I love it. I tell them its a speaker, lol. Just kidding. It is super quiet. It can run on medium while we are watching TV and we never have to turn up the sound. It works best on cooking odor, such as fish. But does a wonderful job on the cigarette smoke as well. Everybody I ask if they can smell smoke, all say no. Including the non-smokers. I highly recommend this item...I feel we got our monies worth for sure.
- Bryan B.

We purchased a model SPA700A Rabbitair air purifier several months ago and WE LOVE IT! We had tried several other brands, had terrible experiences with them all and then searched and found your product. It worked from day one. It is quiet, easy to clean and does a marvelous job. You have solved our cigarette smoke problems. Congratulations and thank you.
- Jillian M.

This is a sleek design. It does the job very well. I have it in one room and it gets the cigar smoke and most of the odor out.
- E. Kominowski

Kicked the crap out of the smoke smell that drifts into my downstairs bathroom. Have it running non stop on the medium setting, though it has features to make it turn on/off whenever odors are present. This feature is light dependent I believe, so the dark fully enclosed bathroom it is in does not assist that situation. Well worth the purchase!
- Jason S.

I give this product unqualified approval. It is effective with kitchen and cigar odor. It is silent I mean silent and cando an effective job on low settings. What more could you want.
- Knowit

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