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Rabbit Air purifiers now a featured amenity in MGM Grand's "Sky Lofts"

MGM Skyloft Los Angeles - September 20, 2007 - The MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas has decided to feature Rabbit Air's MinusA2 air purifier in their Skyloft Suites.

Rabbit Air, a Los Angeles based company, manufactures HEPA air purifiers popular for their effective prevention against allergies, asthma and various sensitivities to air pollution.

"Air purification has become somewhat of an art," said Karrie Chan, CEO of Rabbit Air. "Due to the increasing number of people with allergies and asthma, there is a high demand for an effective air purification system that is both efficient and trendy."

The choice to feature Rabbit Air's product alongside Bang and Olufsen entertainment systems and stylish Tony Chi décor in the MGM Grand's Skylofts, luxurious apartment style hotel suites on the top floor of the famous Las Vegas hotel, reflects the current face of air purification systems, as not only a means of allergy and virus prevention but also an element of style.

About the Product:
The MinusA2 is a versatile product, designed to be either wall mountable or as a stand alone unit. Based on a HEPA filtration system, it is built to accommodate various needs, with a choice of three customized filters: Germ Defense, Pet Allergy and Toxin Absorber.


The Germ Defense filter physically traps bacteria, mold, and particles that carry viruses, thereby reducing such microbes in the air.

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