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Rabbit Air introduces its most versatile air purifier, the new MinusA2

The latest brainchild of Rabbit Air Purifiers, the MinusA2 leaves other air purifiers in the dust. Designed to either stand alone or be mounted on a wall, this new air purifier is a versatile and attractive addition to your home or office. While bulky, unsightly air purifiers are often hidden out of view, behind couches and inside closets, the MinusA2 is a slim, stylish model that compliments home décor while improving air quality and eliminating harmful toxins.

The unit includes an alternating mood light which works to create a soothing environment while helping you relax. The MinusA2 is very efficient and ultra quiet, improving your daily health and comfort, without making excess noise or inflating your energy bill.

Rabbit Air products produce zero ozone, unlike many air purifiers, which actually generate harmful pollutants in the process of trying to eliminate others. With a six stage air filtration system and a selection of three customized filters, Pet Allergy, Germ Defense and Toxin Absorber, the MinusA2 is incredibly versatile, designed to accommodate a wide range of allergies and health needs.

The Germ Defense filter physically traps bacteria, mold, and particles that carry viruses, thereby reducing such microbes in the air.

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