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Quiet Air Purifiers

Quiet Air Purifiers from Rabbit Air

Perfect for bedrooms and kids' rooms, quiet air purifiers, produce clean air without noise pollution. You can run them all night long without disturbing your sleep. Put one in your child's bedroom or playroom and they'll hardly notice it is there.

Don't sacrifice quality for quietness. Make sure the quiet air purifier you select can do the job. Our quiet HEPA air purifiers reduce large-size particles, pet hair, dust, bacteria, pollen, mold, dander, allergens and odors. We feature more than just a HEPA filter. Our clean air purifiers include an electrostatic pre-filter, our BioGS HEPA filter, as well as other filters based on the model you select.

Our Ultra Quiet Air Purifiers

Inside our quiet clean air purifiers is the Brushless Direct Current Motor, an innovative motor with inverter control that offers 5 different speeds of operation. When operated at low speed, our air purifiers are nearly silent.

Have Questions About Our Quiet Air Purifiers?

You can Contact Us by email or mail; or give us a call at 888.866.8862 - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Check our FAQs for answers to our most-asked questions.


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