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Payment and Billing

The Verification Process

  1. The order will be verified and charged by our merchant gateway.
  2. The customer will be contacted by e-mail or phone and will be requested to send proof of billing and shipping information in order to validate the purchase.
  3. If the information supplied by the customer does not satisfy the merchant gateway, the order will be cancelled and the customer will be issued a full refund.

This process is in place for fraud prevention purposes and is strictly advised by the credit card merchant practices. If your billing and shipping addresses are different, we must verify both your shipping and billing information. This ensures that both you and Rabbit Air are protected from fraudulent activities as only you, the cardholder, can add an alternate address on file with the bank and/or Credit Card Company. All verifications must be done by phone (email correspondence for order verification is not accepted), allowing us to keep our fraud rate down while giving you peace of mind knowing that you are purchasing/shopping with a company who has your best interests in mind.

Rabbit Air reserves the right to cancel any purchase if the billing information is not correct or not verifiable.

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