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Ozone Producing Air Purifiers Banned in California

Los Angeles-September 28th, 2007-On Friday, the L.A. Times released an article regarding the California Air Resources Board's ban on in-home air purifiers which produce ozone as a means of purification. Ozone emitting air purifiers tend to exacerbate asthma and allergies, the very problems they claim to relieve.

Peggy Jenkins, head of the California Air Resources Board's indoor air division, recognized HEPA filtration systems as the top method of air purification: "There are safe and effective air purifiers," Jenkins said. "The cheapest, and usually the most effective, are so-called HEPA devices also commonly used in hospitals.”

Rabbit Air supports Jenkins' statement that HEPA air purifiers are the most efficient and practical alternative to ozone producing air purifiers. "Here at Rabbit Air, we have always been opponents of ozone air purifiers as unhealthy products that do more harm than good,” said Karrie Chan, Rabbit Air CEO. "There are much safer, more effective methods of air purification and there is no reason to go the ozone route.”

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