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More successful stories

More successful stories

March 25, 2006
By M. Penalosa (Vienna, VA United States)

I just bought this product 2 days ago and I said I would write a review once I have tried it out for a week. It's been 2 days and I could not wait to write about this product. I suffer from severe allergies and they just seem to get worse every year. Once I got this air cleaner, my allergies magically diappeared.
I also own a Sharper Image Ionic Breeze Quadra GP and this Bio fresh Ultra destroys the Sharper Image. The Sharper Image Ionic breeze will go into storage. Since owning this for 2 days my house is allergy free this air cleaner is by far the best air cleaner out for the price. Very easy to use and looks great. The air quality monitor is unbelievable!!

July 14, 2006
By B. Murphy (Atlanta, GA USA)

After dealing with asthma/allergy issues...both myself and one of my cats...we decided to purchase the Rabbit Air Purifier. I could not be happier. I could immediately tell the difference, both in myself and with my cat's asthma. The unit is extremely lightweight and easy to move between rooms (we move it from our downstairs living area to an upstairs bedroom at night); as well as being extremely quiet. I highly recommend this product to anybody suffereing from asthma or allergies.

November 4, 2006
By Mo (New Jersey)

Hello Folks,

Let me tell you, if you are looking for a product the does what it says it does, then look no further. Wow, this product is awesome and let me tell you why. I received this product yesterday and couldn't wait to plug it in. Almost immediately you notice a difference in the quality of air.

My wife and I suffer from allergies. My wife always has a dry cough at night from our bedroom and we're both always good for a few sneezes. Incredibly, we have not sneezed at all since plugging in this machine. I can see my allergies disappearing for good with this machine and can't wait to see how we'll feel a week from now. Airborne allergens, say hello to the Bio Fresh, you're new worst enemy.

As for quietness, this machine takes the cake. At the lowest setting you can't even hear anything. At higher settings, still extremely quiet allowing for a peaceful night sleep.

In closing, I would just like to say that this machine works awesome and I strongly recommend it to anyone, but especially to allergy sufferers like myself.


January 9, 2007
By D. Benegar (Front Royal, VA)

My youngest daughter has had mild to severe asthma for 32 years and has had to use an inhaler almost on a daily basis. I bought her this product to use in her new house as she was having severe asthma attacks from dust, mold, pollen, ect. She has been using this product for three (3) months now and she has not had to use her inhaler a single time. We have used several other brands and types of air cleaners in the past twenty years but none have proven as effective as this product. Highly recommeded!

June 5, 2007
By J. Strunz "Kat" (Woodland Hills, CA)

I have cough variant asthma and live in L.A. and this thing is a fantastic boon to my health. We'd been thinking of moving to a rural clean-air area for years but this helps reduce my cough so much it looks like it might allow the respiratory tract heal, something that only happens when I'm far from here. We're thinking of getting one for the upstairs, too. Terrific that it tells you everything you need to know such as how dirty the air is, when to wash the filters, change the one HEPA filter (lasts 3 years!). This is one of the best purchases we've made.

Nov 6, 2007
By mcleodsfan (Cortez, CO)

In our household there are 4 cats (1 long & 3 short haired) and 3 dogs (1 long & 2 short haired). There are 5 adults living in the house all with allegry problems, go figure right? Additionally we live on a dirt road so have lots of dust. In order for us all to live in harmony I decided the humans had to find a way to live allergy-free. I looked at the option of having an all-over home purifier but the house cost was too high. Before I was wiling to put that kind of money into something I wanted to see if a purifier would work for our unique situation. I of course went to overstock first to see what they had and saw the Rabbit Air room air purifier. I went to several websites to compare purifiers on the market and everything confirmed that this would be a good buy. I ordered the purifier and it came within only a few days via UPS and the setup was easy. We have all noticed a difference in the air quality, within only a few hours. The dust and hair no longer floats in the air. The purifier is very quiet, no louder than the dishwasher in the kitchen (which you can't hear unless you are standing right next to it). I am very, very pleased with the purchase and now am considering the option of putting in an all over house purifier or buying additional units for the back part of the house and my sister's apartment.

December 3, 2007
By SFHandyman (San Francisco)

I was having a bad allergy problem, causing a deep cough and frequent sneezing for weeks. That ended up in giving me continuous bronchial spasms. I was on medication to control the coughing, and spasms, and I was given an emergency inhaler, allow me to stop asthmatic type attacks.

The problems had lasted for over a month. When I finally pinpointed that it was some kind of allergen, I ordered the BioGS. I received it quickly - within a few days. In just a couple of weeks the breathing problems were gone. I'm not coughing anymore, nor having any breathing problems. After over 2 months of feeling horrible, I'm finally well.

The purifier consumes only a tiny amount of energy. I have a watt meter. I plugged the purifier into it and I was really surprised at how it just sips energy, while performing better than any air cleaner I've had before.

The carbon and dust prefilter are both washable. The Hepa needs to be replaced but they say it should last at least a couple of years. That's so much cheaper than the filters I've had to buy for other less effective machines.

It's almost silent most of the time. It's sensors are always monitoring for a raise in particulate matter or odors. When detected, the Rabbit will go to a higher speed and stay there until the problem is gone. I'm very pleased with it's operation.

I also had a very nice customer service interaction. I bought it here at Amazon. I knew it came with other colored front panels, so immediately after ordering I called their customer service line - it was after 10pm, I think, on the West Coast. A person answered and I told him I preferred Green. He said he'd note it on the order. When I received the unit, it was a blue one. It was a shipping error, because right there on the shipping label, it said - Send green color per customer request. I called their customer service line and again got a live person right away (these were local people also, not some far off country). He apologized and offered to send out a replacement green panel immediately. He said I could keep the blue one and that allowed me to start using the cleaner immediately. He said it would probably arrive the next day or day after, since we are in the same general area. It got here the second morning after my call. No charge, no hassle.

Since they called it "lime green". I was concerned that it might be gaudy or too bright. I'd call it "Frosted Sage Green", a really attractive color that fits my apartment beautifully.

I'm very happy with my choice.

May 7, 2008
pollennomore (Manassas, VA)

My pollen allergies and my husband's cat allergies are so much better with these units- we just love them. One in the bedroom, one downstairs taking care of the rest of the house. I had a Hunter air cleaner that was great - lasted 5 years, but gave up the ghost - this is so much better at removing dust and allergens. This unit has several sets of filters, it's stylish in the room, has great settings (I've got it on Pollen now, for the spring), and a dandy remote control. At first I thought they were a bit expensive, but looking around I saw comparable units were the same (or more), and gave less in the quality of the filtered air. A quality peice of engineering - I'm glad we bought two!

October 24, 2008
By Ttzmm (Haslett, MI)

My husband and I are very happy with the purchase of this product. We were looking for something that did a large area and were not disappointed in this air purifier! my husband has sinus issues and our son has asthma and it has helped tremendously with helping them breathe better and myself for that matter. We have 2 pets and we cannot be happier with our purchase! We were a little hesitant to buy due to the price and we didn't know if we wanted to deal with the hassle of returning it through the mail if we did not like it but we are glad we purchased this air purifier and you can get replacement filters on the Rabbitair website and they cost no more than any other air cleaner filters would be but have more benefits! Thanks!

Nov 1, 2008
clanin (Elyria, ohio)

My husband and i purchased this item based upon it's reputation and the awesome reviews other customers gave on Overstock!!!! I have really bad allergies and asthma and my husband as well. Not to mention 2 dogs in our house to add to it!!! I threw away our old purifier and was suffering for a whole week straight until this Rabbitair QUIET purifier arrived at our house. I have been breathing so much better and not coughing since it has been turned on!!! We have been keeping it on automatic and has been running wonderful. Although the cost, we thought, was a bit pricey than what we were expecting to pay, it's well worth the money. Haven't had to clean out any of the filters yet, but the directions show you can use a vaccum cleaner. Would purchase this brand over and over again!!!

January 9, 2010
By AbbyD (Michigan)

This product is perfect. It is very quiet and has easy to use settings. The filter system is outstanding.
Allergy and pollen suffers in the house have not sneezed once since I plugged it in! It doesn't blow out super cold air like some other units and I don't even know it is there.
Would highly recommend and well worth the price.


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