Interview with Club Macanudo

Club Macanudo is an elegant place on New York's Upper East Side to enjoy food, drinks, and cigars. To help keep the club's atmosphere fresh and pleasant for both smokers and nonsmokers, General Manager Mauricio Cordoba has outfitted the classy lounge with Rabbit Air's MinusA2 air purifiers. We caught up with Mr. Cordoba to ask him about indoor air quality control and why our air purifiers are such a great fit for Macanudo.

On an average night, how many cigars are consumed at Club Macanudo?
I'd say more or less 400 cigars between when we open at noon and close at 1:30 in the morning.

I know you host special events at Club Macanudo. For those special events, on average, how many cigars are consumed? At private parties, for instance.
At parties it's different. Because when we have a big night, I mean, 150 guys for three hours, they can smoke two cigars each.

Wow. And when did you decide to install Rabbit Air purifiers in the club?
I think three years ago. We had previous experiences with other products that were not too good. One day Edwin came here and said to me: I have this product that is really like a filter system. We tried it and the purification was magnificent. We started out with two air purifiers and after now we have eight in the club.

I noticed you have your club logo printed on your Rabbit Air Purifiers. Have you received feedback on this customized design for your club?
Okay, the skin is very beautiful but I don't want that to be our excuse for using Rabbit Air. Every other person—members of the club, friends of the club, regular customers—install them in their homes and in their offices they have very good experiences with the product. In my personal opinion, and I say that in a professional way, it's the best product we ever have had at the club.

Excellent. What do you look for in an air purifier?
I look for purification and filtering smoke and odors, filtering the dust coming from the ashes, and it seems like this product meets all of the necessities of the club. We have the air purifiers very close to the customers and they're very quiet, almost completely silent. It doesn't interfere with conversations, music, or anything like that. It's very well presented, not only because the skin has our crest and our name on it, but it's very discreet. People can't say ”this is too noisy” or “this is too bright." It's something very discreet and elegant for the most elegant club in the city of New York.

And Rabbit Air's service is excellent. The air purifier is easily maintained—my maintenance guy can clean it in like two to three minutes. I don't need to bring in two people to change the filters, and that's the most important. And it's easy for everyone to turn it on and turn it off. When there are more customers, we turn it up to full speed and it works perfectly. It's especially nice to have it on during lunch meetings, when we want it to be quiet.

Excellent. Do you think that Rabbit Air's products have made a significant difference in reducing the amount of smoke in the air?
Yes, a lot. I can say without a doubt that it's one of the best products we have in the club. Previous to that, I had three or four different air purifiers and they didn't work. This one works.

What do you like about Rabbit Air products? What makes them a great fit for Macanudo?
First, efficiency. Second, simplicity. Third, elegance. Fourth, service, And fifth, I'm extremely happy with the product!

Wonderful! Is there anything else you would like to add, Mauricio?
Club Macanudo is part of Rabbit Air's industries and we are proud to have your product in our house. We are proud to have one product that really works, but we really value the human aspect of the company. When I need something, no matter what, Edwin in California, Alicia in New York, they are always ready to help. One email or a phone call, and five minutes later, I have the answer. That's very difficult to find in New York. The human factor is very important to my staff.

I couldn't agree more.
Yeah, you pay for service and you are happy with service. Equipment you find everywhere, machinery you find everywhere, drinks you find everywhere, but good service is very difficult to find.