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For Purists Only - Rabbit Air Purifiers Included in WIRED LivingHome's Eco-Chic L.A. House

Los Angeles, CA - October 5th, 2007 - Rabbit Air is being recognized for its commitment to the environment. Now seen as an ally of the sustainability movement and paired alongside other green products, Rabbit air purifiers are considered among a small number of products that are "high tech, low impact" (

On September 5th, 2007, WIRED LivingHome began construction of an eco - friendly eco - chic house in the Los Angeles hills. By September 7th, it was finished. With sustainability, technology and design in mind, the house is pre-fab, which means most of it is built in a factory and merely needs to be assembled at the site. Pre-fab houses take much less time and money to build and the fact that they are made of reusable and recyclable materials means they are much more practical than the average "stick built house."

To keep the air in the house fresh and pollutant free while blending in with its eco-chic style, WIRED home chose Rabbit Air's MinusA2.

The MinusA2 a very versatile air purifier, the only model designed either to stand alone or be mounted on a wall. It is thin and chic, defying stereotypes of air purifiers as bulky, unattractive appliances. The MinusA2 is a HEPA type air purifier that traps and destroys allergens and pollutants while also preventing transmission of common household viruses such as the flu. It can be customized with a variety of filters such as Germ Defense, Pet Allergy and Toxin Absorber to cater to specific needs.

WIRED LivingHome chose to feature Rabbit Air's MinusA2 air purifier in the children's rooms of the house, for its reputation for allergy defense and virus protection.

The Germ Defense filter physically traps bacteria, mold, and particles that carry viruses, thereby reducing such microbes in the air.

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