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Cigar Newsletter Fall '20

Interview with Alan Rubin of Alec Bradley

“We aren’t saving lives, we just want to be a part of the best hour of someone’s day.”

1. Did you always know you wanted to start your own cigar company? If not, what other aspirations did you have?

Before I was in the cigar business, I was in the fastener business with my father. I never really knew that I was going to explore the cigar business, until the point we started letting people know that we were selling. One of our warehouse guys asked me what I was going to do next. I told him that I was going to take a six month break and write down a list of what I want and what I don’t want- and then figure out a business plan. He turned to me and said ‘you love cigars, you should get into cigars’. After that moment, I really had no other aspirations outside of starting my own cigar company.

2. Everyone has a story about their first cigar. Do you remember yours? If so, please share!

I was 22 years old and I was with my best friends from college. Wewent to one of my friend’s father’s offices in downtown Miami. His father was a very prominent businessman in Miami of Cuban descent. We walked in and he had a beautiful humidor on his desk. Behind me, on the credenza was another humidor; he saw me looking at it and asked me if I wanted a cigar. I said ‘yes’ and he gave me two cigars. One was a Paratgas from the Dominican Republic, the other was a Partagas from Cuba. He told me- the Dominican you can smoke at any time, but the Cuban he told me to not ‘operate heavy equipment’ and to be careful. Those were the first two cigars I ever had.

3. What problem do most smokers have and what is the typical solution?  How has Rabbit Air made a difference?

There are less and less places to smoke these days and cigar smokers search for indoor refuge. The need for professional-grade air filtration for private settings is increasing and there are very few financially feasible options on the market.  A quick story- not too long ago we had all of the account managers in one of our conference rooms, about 25 or so people smoking cigars. The room has no windows, but it has a HVAC diffuser. We turned on the diffuser, it cleared the smoke out of the room, but it also took all of air conditioning out. We grabbed 2 Rabbit Airs, put them on Turbo and they cleared out the room pretty quickly. We kept them on for the rest of the meeting and the air quality was great!


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